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I ;ve been shingling for 16 years and have had my own business for 7 and have never pulled a plastic strip off of a shingle before i installed it.but in just the past month i have had a homeowner ask

New roof shingles Remove thin plastic strips on back of

Putting on new shingles IKO brand, Chateau type, single 1 tab, architectural or "designer" style, 100% asphalt not fiberglass the back of.

Do you have to pull the plastic strips off the tar strips

Do you have to pull the plastic strips off the tar strips on roof shingles? you look at where the plastic hits the shingle beneath it when .

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Has anyone figured out what the purpose of the clear plastic "sure-nail" nailing strip is? It lines up with the tar strip when the shingles are layed. It seems to me that this strip would

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t 3&-&"4& ;*-. Plastic film strips are present either on the back or face of each shingle. The film strips are Timberline Series Application Instructions .

New roof shingles Remove thin plastic strips on back of

"John Willis" wrote ; The plastic strips are ONLY there to prevent the shingles from ; sticking together while packaged. There is no other reason for them


Plastic Film Strip On film strips on the back of each shingle are to prevent sticking together of the Plastic Release Film .

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Remove cellophane strip on comp shingle? I guess I ;ll scan the packaging once again to see if its a "new-fangled" shingle that needs to shed the plastic .

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there ok. i like GAF/ELK better. here is a few things i dont like about owens corning shingles. the plastic strip on top Corning roof shingles are .

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"How to install architectural shingles ; or better because people disagree with me when I advocate that the cellophane strips on the shingle be .

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When I did a ;quick n dirty ; patch job a few years back, I didn ;t remove the plastic strip that covers the tar on the back of the shingles. When I remove the patch job, I noticed the plastic was still

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Both 3-tab asphalt shingles and laminated asphalt shingles contain a strip of seal strip also provides much of a shingle ;s plastic film strips and .

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remove or not remove the plastic strip on shingles

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I just reshingled my porch roof and because it ;s been a couple of decades since I did any roofing I looked it up online. One site said to remove the plastic strip that covers the tar strip on the underside of the shingle.

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GAF Single-Ply PVC Roofing Systems including smooth and fleece-backed. Strip Shingles; Advanced Protection shingle styles to color schemes.

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The new reinforced nailing strip retains the lay flat characteristics engineered fabric nailing strip on the shingle Corning Roofing .

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How to Install Asphalt Shingles. me know that it is not necessary to remove the plastic strip on the back of the shingle and that it will melt on its .

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How to Lay Shingles. have had numerous shingles blow off my house that still had the darn plastic strip on! for Roof Shingles. How to .

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Re Owens Corning Duration Shingles Just finished this roof today. I looked at scrap shingles on the ground where I could see them. Not only does the entire 1/2" wide tar strip on the underside of the shingle land squarely in the middle of the plastic strip at the 5-5/8 reveal , but when the shingles are shot down, the plastic breaks away from .

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The front and rears have a tar strip however the rear tar strip is covered with a thin plastic strip on Owens Corning on the front. When shingle .

Asphalt Shingle Cellophane Strip Guide leave or remove?

Cellophane strip found on between asphlt roof shingles this article describes the cellophane strips found between individual asphalt roof shingles atop the glue strip.

Are you supposed to remove the plastic strip from a

Best Answer yes, the plastic strip is there to keep the shingles from sticking to each other during storage and transportation. you remove the plastic strip so .

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Ask Your Question. Angie ;s List Answers felt is not as good as the new plastic. a zink strip because most shingle companies now embed their product .

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Plastic strip on the back of Shingles. roof shingles Remove thin plastic strips on back of shingles before nailing down? Shingles and the Plastic strip .

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Cellophane strip found on between asphalt roof shingles forensic engineers comment. Generally manufacturers advise that roofers can and should leave the cellophane separator strip alone when installing asphalt roof shingles as during installation it will automagically find itself harmless and out of the way of the glue strips of the shingle .